13X Molecular Sieve

ZEOCHEM Molecular Sieve 13X Types: Z10-01             : Standard 13X Molecular Sieve            Z10-02             : Air Pre-purification Z10-03             : Purification of Hydrocarbon,Olefin and Sweetening Z10-04             : PSA ( Pressure Swing Adsorption Oxygen Units ) Z10-05-03 LiX  : VPSA Oxygen Units ( LiX) Z12-07 LiLSX  : Medical Oxygen Concentrators (LiX) ZEOX OII Plus: Medical Oxygen Concentrators (NaX)

PURMOL ( Syntetic Zeolite )

PURMOL® Powder and Paste Purmol® from Zeochem AG are molecular sieve powders and pastes which give the answer to moisture scavenging problems for a variety of applications. Powder types 3A and 4A are available in standard version or synthesized and treated for special applications. Some grades can even be used in the cosmetic field (face […]