PURMOL® Powder and Paste

Purmol® from Zeochem AG are molecular sieve powders and pastes which give the answer to moisture scavenging problems for a variety of applications. Powder types 3A and 4A are available in standard version or synthesized and treated for special applications. Some grades can even be used in the cosmetic field (face masks) or as additive in ointments and creams for warming up.


PURMOL® adsorbents are synthetic zeolites with a complex alkali metal alumino-silicate structure. This structure contains pore openings of regular and precisely defined size, allowing the adsorption of molecules selectively on the basis of their size and polarity.


PURMOL® is used to remove moisture from polyurethane polymer systems. PURMOL® products deal with moisture problems without causing undue problems with shelf-life viscosity etc.  Other types are used as additives for selective adsorption in defined polymer systems, e.g.

  • Coatings
  • Sealants
  • Caulks
  • Adhesives
  • Pigment and Solvent Drying
  • Insulating Glass (rubber profiles)
  • Paper Manufacturing
  • Cosmetis and pharmaceutical applications

Other Applications

In addition, PURMOL® products may be added to adsorb contaminants such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen chloride, etc. from plastic formulations. They can also function as a carrier to release catalysts into certain systems.