Dear Customer,

Damla Kimya  has 25 years experience in the chemical industry  that provides a highly efficient Catalysts and Humidity Control Technology Products to the customers with high quality and economical production facilities since 1993.

During shipment and storage to prevent corrosion problems caused by moisture and to protect your values, Damla Kimya supply to customers

Dehumidifier Products; Silica gel Packages, Activated Clay Desiccants, Container dryer packs

VCI Products ( Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor ) ; VCI PE Films and bags, VCI papers, Liquid VCI Applications, Triplex Aluminum Barrier packaging

For liquid and gas applications; drying, separation and purification

All type desiccants; Silica gels, Molecular Sieve, Activated Alumina, Carbon Molecular sieve, Activated Carbon

we are distribitor of ;


ZEOCHEM ( Switzerland – America )

CARBOTECH ( Germany )